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Present + Future – Exhibitions / Work

  • GUEST LECTURE: I will be a guest lecturer for Johannes Barfield’s course My Digital Self at the University of New Mexico where I’ll be sharing current projects from my PhD as well as diving into discussion about how digital media impacts identity // Albuquerque, NM USA // 04.04.23
  • EXHIBITION: It’s Time We Talked // Resonances // Currents 826 Gallery // Santa Fe, NM USA // 02.10.23 – 04.09.23
  • RESEARCH: I will be presenting our accepted 2023 CHI paper Embodying the Algorithm (co-authors Irina Shklovski and Christina Neumayer) during the conference proceedings. // CHI 2023 Proceedings // Hamburg, Germany // 04.24.23
  • EXHIBITION: My work Artificial Intimacy will be displayed at DAHJ: the International Journal for Digital Art History and home of the International Journal for Digital Art History // Online (Virtual) // Opening: 06.06.23
  • EXHIBITION: It’s Time We Talked with opening participatory artwork // Currents Festival 2023 // Santa Fe, NM // 06.16.23 – 06.25.23
  • EXHIBITION: I will be curating a group show at Captive Portal in Copenhagen, Denmark from August 15 – 27 about what AI can teach us about trauma. // Copenhagen, Denmark 08.15.23 – 08.27.23

Previous Work


  • WORKSHOP: I’ll be presenting the projection art and mapping workshop Luminous Shrouds at Birmingham Open Media as part of BOM’s Immersive Bootcamp. Students will learn how projection mapping can be used to create immersive environments and installations. // 02.13.23
  • GUEST LECTURE: I discussed my PhD work in artificial intelligence and ethics for Dr. Hyunyoung Kim’s course at the University of Birmingham. 01.16.23
  • GUEST LECTURE: I was a guest lecturer for Chris Hogg‘s course Creative Social Media at the Royal Holloway University of London on the subject of participatory AI art and immersive experiences. Students learned about sensor input and output, computer vision, object recognition, deep fake, and more. Students participated in design brainstorming sessions where they envisioned their own wearables, interactive installations, and immersive environments. 01.16.23


  • RESEARCH: Over the course of four months, I took a break from my PhD to work as an AI Ethics Researcher Artist at Novo Nordisk’s AI Center of Excellence under Tonia Sideri and Thomas B B Larsen. My research examined how AI is and might be potentially used in the pharmaceutical industry as well as the ethical concerns of each use case. // Bagsvaerd, Denmark. 09.15.22 – 01.15.23
  • WORKSHOP: I’ll be presenting a workshop and doing a residency at Electric Wonderland in Baške Oštarije, Croatia this Summer. More details can be found here. // Baske Ostarije, Croatia. 08.05.22 – 08.11.22
  • PRODUCTION: I will be producing costumes for Marcela Lucatelli’s opera Die a Happy Man as part of the Copenhagen Opera Festival. For tickets and more information please visit here. // Copenhagen, Denmark. 08.27.22 – 08.28.22
  • EXHIBITION: I will be demonstrating the Artificial Intimacy voice assistant installation at NordiCHI 2022. More information on this project can be found here. // Aarhus, Denmark. 10.08.22 – 10.12.22
  • EXHIBITION: Living by protocol queries the contemporary reflections of artists on, with, and by social media. The nine grid structured monitors within the Lightbox Gallery become a subface onto the social database structures secret of extraction. The program will consist of six weeks of curated, rotating media works and experiments. The show will commence with one week of talks, discussions, and other hybrid programming. Social media will be simultaneously the topic, platform, and space of experimentation. More info. here. // Harvard Art Museum 05.17.22 – 07.02.22
  • PRESS: Work from the Digital Alchemy series was featured in Contemporary Identities International Art Magazine issue #14 June 2022 in an article by Flounder Lee. // 06.01.22
  • WORKSHOP: I presented a portfolio development workshop as part of Gray Area’s Everything But the Art series. The series will explore the ins and outs of portfolio development including artist’s statement, bio, portfolio structure, press releases and more! Participants will hear advice from artists and curators around the world. More information including registration information can be found here. // 05.10.22 Online
  • WORKSHOP: Turn Yourself into a GPT-3 Chatbot – In this workshop, participants learned how to fine-tune the large natural language processing model GPT-3 on their social media data to create a chatbot version of themself. They then conversed with their chatbot self and compare their own values to those they perceive in the chatbot. In this workshop, we explored: What are our values, and how are these reflected in our social media presence? What happens when we create a fine-tuned natural language processing model using such data? Do our values also translate? Can we truly create chatbot versions of ourselves using this method, or are these representations lacking (and, if so, in what ways?) More information here. // 05.26.22 Online
  • SPEAKING: I presented an artist’s talk as a guest speaker for Harvard’s metaLAB on April 25th via webinar. More details can be found here. // 04.25.22 Online
  • SPEAKING: I spoke at MIT’s Media Lab as a part of the Virtual Beings & Being Virtual web conference. More information can be found here. // 04.15.22 Online and Offline at MIT Media Labs in Cambridge, MA
  • EXHIBITION: Meow Wolf’s Area15 Las Vegas exhibit is now open to the public and features two works for which I served as lead artist with Brandt Peters including the Omega Mart Beauty Parlor and the Omega Mart Spiral Cuff Health Metrics Machine as well as several other works which I developed interactive elements for. The Omega Mart Beauty Parlor features a homebrew AR overlay facial filter program triggered by a capacitive touch make up palette that allows visitors to select from one of nine extraterrestrial looks that instantly contour to the face. To interact with the Omega Mart Spiral Cuff Health Metrics Machine, participants insert their arm into a flashing ring of LEDs in order to grab use a joystick with an embedded heart rate sensor. Toggling the joystick and button allows them to play and arcade game selecting between ailment images in order to receive information related to their metaphysical health. I also worked on Happles (a project by Oliver Polzin, Zevin Polzin, and Brandon Behning): a set of interactive fruits which make expressive sounds when they are squeezed and the Osmositron (a project by Max Neutra): a device which infuses vegetables and fruits with a strange element called “source.” This pemanent exhibit is open during their normal operating hours. // 02.22
  • SPEAKING: I will be speaking on the subject of deep fake technology, ethics, and AI at Aalborg University’s AI For the People Lab // 02.11.22
  • SPEAKING & WORKSHOP: I will be speaking at the symposium Glitch and Photography: Hybrid bodies, remixed archives, posthuman nature hosted by The University of Gothenburg and the Hasselblad Foundation on the subject of glitches in deep fake technology and stimulating ethical conversations using participatory artworks. I will also be leading a workshop with Majken Overgaard on The Future Gallery Text: Exploring artistic and curatorial writing practices using speculative fiction // 02.02.22 & 02.03.22 // University of Gothenburg, Sweden


  • EXHIBITION: Meow Wolf’s Denver exhibit Convergence Station will open September 17th, 2021. In the exhibit you’ll find many of the projects I worked on as Sr. Designer / Developer of Interactive Technology. If you’d like to know which ones, sign up for my newsletter and I’ll share them with you once the time comes! // 09.17.21 onward // Denver, CO USA
  • EXHIBITION: “Ring of Voices” is a multichannel immersive sound experience created for the Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum that shares the stories of contemporary women in hot air ballooning in their own words. A surround 6 channel audio-visual experience with generative projection elements, the installation incorporates portions of interviews with 18 contemporary women to create an intimate first-hand perspective about the challenges and rewards of hot air ballooning. This installation was created as part of the “In Their Words” permanent exhibition which also features three Covid19-safe interactive objects that share narrative information when triggered by human presence. I also produced projection mapped elements for a mural by Haley Greenfeather English that is a part of the exhibition. The exhibition opens March 5th, 2021 and is on view at the museum during their normal operating hours. // 05.21
  • WORKSHOP: In this workshop, participants learned how to fine-tune the large natural language processing model GPT-3 on their social media data to create a chatbot version of themself. They then conversed with their chatbot self and compare their own values to those they perceive in the chatbot. In this workshop, we explored: What are our values, and how are these reflected in our social media presence? What happens when we create a fine-tuned natural language processing model using such data? Do our values also translate? Can we truly create chatbot versions of ourselves using this method, or are these representations lacking (and, if so, in what ways?) More information here. // 04.21.22 Online
  • SPEAKING: I gave a lightning talk on immersive storytelling for Processing Community Day Copenhagen on October 2nd at 14:00. For more information, visit IDA’s website. // 02.10.21 // IDA, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • PUBLICATION: My artwork e-Protea was recently featured in New Report: Futures Shaping Art / Art Shaping Futures // 01.06.21
  • EXHIBITION: THIS MUSIC IS AN EMBARRESSMENT TO HUMANITY – an artificial intelligence (AI) takes over the Danish singing tradition and invites you to sing along. The host of the evening will be Brazilian composer and performance artist Marcela Lucatelli. Concept, composition and staring MARCELA LUCATELLI Texts KIRSTINE FOGH VINDELEV AI artist MIRABELLE JONES Light design JARI MATSI Sound design GIANLUCA ELIA. // 11.04.21 – 11.06.21 // Sort/Hvid Theatre Copenhagen, Denmark
  • EXHIBITION: Asystole will be a part of the group exhibition Unseen a collaboration between Form & Concept and 23 Sandy Gallery. A limited number of copies of the book will be available to purchase at the gallery and online. // 08.11.21 – 11.20.21 // Santa Fe, NM USA
  • EXHIBITION: My solo exhibition Digital Alchemy: Future Technology Products Inspired by Diverse Voices in Science Fiction explores the creation of interactive objects based on diverse works of science fiction. The result of a residency at Catch: Center for Art Design and Technology in collaboration with the Feral Labs Network supported by the EU Creative Europe Programme, the exhibition displays three objects which consider the intersection of science fiction literature and technology innovation within product design through the lens of intersectional data feminism. The gallery is currently closed due to COVID-19. The exhibition will be extended to Summer 2021 and will re-open to the public once the Ministry of Health indicates it is safe to reopen. Projects can be explored digitally at: // 12.04.21 – Present // Helsingør, Denmark
  • WORKSHOP: I taught a workshop in DIY Interactive Books at Radiona in Zagreb, Croatia. Participants learned a brief history of book art from antiquity to modern day interactive books by the instructor. Next, participants learned to create their own book forms including: concertina and flag books. Finally, participants learned how to use the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express to produce touch-responsive interactions using light and sound. At the end of the day, we shared our books with one another and discuss what we have learned as well as future possibilities for our inventions. Day two we learned how to make the books interactive using the Circuit Playground and Chibi Electronics. 08.26.21 – 08.27.21 // Zagreb, Croatia
  • WORKSHOP: I taught a workshop in artificial intelligence and performance art at Catch: Center for Art, Design, and Technology in Helsingør, Denmark. The day-long workshop covered the history of artificial intelligence including historical and current examples of creative uses of this technology. We discussed ethical issues in artificial intelligence, and create our own performances working with GPT-3, the largest natural language processing model. // 06.22.21 // Helsingør, Denmark
  • RESEARCH: Beginning 03.01.21, I started as a PhD student at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark in Computer Science in the section of Human-Centered Computing at DIKU. My interdisciplinary project will explore ethical concerns in artificial intelligence through the development of a body of artistic works using a creative critical practices. The project is supervised by Professor Irina Shklovski.
  • WORKSHOP: I taught the workshop “Meet Your Deep Fake Double” where participants were able to learn about deep fake including how they are made and how to identify them, the history of deep fake technology, and a discussion of the ethical issues. Participants were invited to submit a video letter to their deep fake “other” and receive a response by email.
  • WORKSHOP: I taught the workshop When Things Speak twice this month. The first session was in conjunction with European Lab’s 10th Anniversary. The second workshop was part of Lund University’s Immersive Days. // 06.09.21 // Malmö Inter Arts Center and Online
  • PRESS: I was interviewed by Cherise Fong for about the Digital Alchemy: Future Technology Products project. View the article here. // 06.07.21
  • PRESS: I was interviewed about cryptocurrency, NFTs, and digital art for the following article which appears in print (03.14.21) and on the web for Politiken: “For få måneder siden havde han nærmest aldrig solgt et eneste kunstværk. Nu er han pludselig blevet den tredjedyreste nulevende kunstner” (Danish only) // 03.14.21
  • WORKSHOP: The third workshop in the Digital Alchemy series, When Things Speak, explored the subject of anthropomorphism in technology through an examination of historical and contemporary speech synthesis technologies both real and in science fiction. Participants learned to create their own talking and melodic objects using the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express and the historic Talkie library. Participants also discussed ethical issues in anthropomorphic and speech synthesis technologies from the perspective of users, designers, and makers. 03.02.21 // Online
  • WORKSHOP: A part of Gray Area Foundation for the Art’s new artist incubator series Everything But the Art, I led a Portfolio Development Workshop with a large group of students from around the world. We discussed how to curate your own work for presentation, best documentation practices, artist’s statements, bios, CVs, and issues / concerns with diversity in the arts. More info. All proceeds from this workshop were donated to Gray Area to continue low income and full ride workshop scholarships to foster diversity and inclusive practices in the arts. 02.23.21 // Online
  • WORKSHOP: In collaboration with Catch: Center for Art, Design, and Technology and Artsformation, I led a Diversity in Science Fiction Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon on where we discussed issues of diversity and inclusion in Wikipedia editing and publication practices by focusing on science fiction and science fiction technologies by a diverse group of authors. 02.16.21 // Online
  • WORKSHOP: In collaboration with Majken Overgaard curator of Catch: Center for Art, Design, and Technology, I taught a speculative design fiction workshop focused on the language we use to discuss art and exhibitions, and speculating on the future role of the gallery. 02.04.21 // Online
  • RESEARCH: I am currently serving as a Research Assistant in the Human-Centered Computing section in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen. In this capacity, I will be investigating the introduction of an ethical component into the existing Introduction to Machine Learning curriculum working with professor Irina Shklovski. // 09.01.20 – 03.01.21 // Copenhagen, Denmark


  • EXHIBITION: What Happens Next Will Be Documented in Images and Text is a series of endurance performances written by an artificial intelligence (GPT-3) and performed by a human being (Mirabelle Jones). Instructions for performance art pieces were written using GPT-3, the largest natural language processing model in present-day existence, and then performed / recorded in the artist’s home studio during a COVID-19 lockdown period. Four of these performances (I’ll Be Very Nervous, [Box], Beans: Two Cans, Endless Dance) have been selected for ongoing exhibition in the Artist’s Television Access Window Gallery as part of the performance art series Almost Public/Semi-Exposed. The exhibition can safely be viewed from the sidewalk. Artist’s Television Access is located at: 992 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA // 12.15.20 – 01.01.21 // San Francisco, CA USA
  • PRESS: I had the great honor of being interviewed by Danish tech media legend Henrik Føhns for the podcast Techtopia. We discussed diversity in science fiction and tech, feminism, and the long history of sci-fi and technology innovation for product design. Techtopia 172: Alternative forestillinger om fremtidens tech // // 12.04.12 // Online
  • PRESS: I talked to TJ Bayowa of The Ricker Report at the University of Illinois’s School of Architecture’s College of Fine & Applied Arts about transdisciplinary art practices, non-binary inclusive feminism, violence and visibility, guerilla art, and the importance of the arts and artists in sociopolitical discourse. The resulting interview appears in Ricker Report Structure 03 pages 70 – 85. Fall 2020 // Print and Online
  • EXHIBITION: I presented at IDA’s Diversity in Tech and Science: Smashing Stereotypes conference as a part of Women in Hardware (DK). 09.12.20 // Copenhagen, Denmark
  • SPEAKING: I presented at Immersive Days at Inter Arts Center at Lund University on the topic “Design Ethics in Immersive Experiences.” Attendance limited to invited guests. 11.11.20 – 11.12.20 // Lund, Sweden
  • PRESS: I talked to Alicja Peszkowska of The Fix about the future of AI and journalism – “AI and journalism ethics: a conversation with Mirabelle Jones” // 10.26.20
  • RESIDENCY: From September 1 – October 31st I was Artist-in-Residence at Catch: Center for Art, Design, and Technology in Helnsingør, Denmark. The residency was concerned with the subject of New Technological Futures, calling for the consideration of underrepresented voices and values in the creation of innovative technologies. My project investigated the creation of several “future technology” objects taken from science fiction stories written by non-white, non-male authors. 09.01.20 – 11.01.20 // Helnsingør, Denmark
  • PRESS: I had the pleasure of being interviewed for Greater Spaces—a series by Majken Overgaard and Vanessa Julia Carpenter—for Denmark’s principal technology media outlet Ingeniøren about the intersection of art, technology, and ethics. You can read the interview in English on Medium: or the original in Danish:  // 09.22.20
  • SPEAKING: I spoke on the subject of Queer Technology for Women In Hardware: a Nordic network for women and non-binary individuals creating with hardware. Visit the Women in Hardware website to sign up. 10.18.20 // Online
  • WORKSHOP: Interactive Media Art with Light and Sensors (HackadayU) – Students learned how to work with sensors (light, motion, sound, touch) to trigger shifts in lighting and sound output using Arduino.
  • WORKSHOP: LED Programming with Arduino and FastLED (HackadayU) – Cathy Laughlin (current Senior Designer Developer at Meow Wolf) and I taught a unique beginner-friendly class on LED programming. This class covered how to work with the onboard LEDs of the Circuit Playground while working up to using more complicated fixtures like a 16 x 16 LED matrix. More info:
  • RESEARCH: I attended Mini Batch #7 at the Recurse Center this September 2020. For my project, I created a guide to algorithms for individuals coming to Computer Science from non-Computer Science backgrounds. Additionally, I performed a written examination of issues of fairness and discrimination in the interviewing process within the field of Software Development including white-boarding and “live” algorithm testing methodologies 09.21.20 – 09.25.20 // Online
  • WORKSHOP: BUILDING INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONS (Codame) – I taught a 5 session Interactive Arts course for Codame Art & Tech. In each 2 session, students learned to work with Arduino (Circuit Playground) and / or TouchDesigner to build interactive art and installations with specific projects depending on each class. We covered how to create a wide range of interactivity using sensors and combining video input and feedback systems. Class details:  09.03.2020 – 09.27.2020 // Online
  • PRODUCTION: I co-directed the immersive theater experience called Industria in Copenhagen, Denmark which ran from September 9th – September 30th. The experience took place aboard the artist ship Illutron. Participants encountered performances, installations, and a blending of past and present in this unusual immersive experience which takes inspiration from the novel Hard Times as well as the history of the Refshaleøen shipyard. More information:  09.09.2020 – 09.30.2020 // Copenhagen, Denmak
  • EXHIBITION / RESEARCH: I exhibited Zoom Reads You – an interactive WebRTC computer vision facial expression and hand gesture-based creative composition system as part of the Nordic Summer University’s Cybiosis symposium. This project is supported by a grant from Nordic Summer University. 07.29.20 // Online
  • WORKSHOP: I taught a free workshop for portfolio development for creatives at Gray Area Foundation for the Arts (online / streaming). Creatives learned how to curate their work to produce a web portfolio, write an artist statement, CV, and bio, apply for grants and other funding, apply for residencies, and heard advice from curators and other working artists on how to strengthen their presence in the arts. More information is on Gray Area’s website. 07.14.20 // Online
  • WORKSHOP: I lead this year’s 2020 Summer Camp at Catch in soft electronics. The workshop, a part of the feral labs network, was in collaboration with Catch’s own Majken Overgaard and Julie Østengaard as well as sound roboticist Helen Leigh and Deborah Hustic of Zagreb-based maker space Radiona. The camp was a week-long series of workshops exploring microcontrollers, e-textiles, actuators, LEDs, sound, conductive materials, inputs / output systems, and covering everything beginner to advanced students need to know in order to develop their own interactive arts projects. The workshop culminated in an exhibition of student works at Catch on Saturday. 08.18.20 – 08.22.20 // Helsingor, Denmark.
  • SPEAKING: I lead a discussion on new approaches to embodied technologies as part of the Catch Alternative Tech Futures Symposium. 06.24.20
  • SPEAKING: I presented at Virtually Maker Faire on the subject of Interactive and Immersive Art & Design in the Time of Social Distancing. May 23, 2020
  • PRESS: Thank you to Cronkite News and PBS Arizona for interviewing me about Art Against Assault and my work towards trauma recovery through art. Feb. 18, 2020.


  • PUBLICATION: A documentation of To Skin a Catcaller was recently published in Beaver the Exhibition the Book curated by Naomi Elena Ramirez and available for pre-order here.
  • RESIDENCY: A week-long residency at the University of Illinois from February 15th, 2019 – February 21st, 2020 as part of the Unit One guest artist-in-residence programming. The residency will include a durational open-participatory project as well as smaller workshops and discussions for students.
  • PRESS: My recent interview with Galit Ariel about interactive and immersive art was quoted in “From Stem to Steam” in DAMN Magazine (print and web edition) November 2019
  • SPEAKING: Art Against Assault visits the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill presenting two workshops and an interactive installation as part of their Red Zone Initiative. October 17th, 2019
  • EXHIBITION: “Mirabelle Jones: An 80 Year Retrospective” at Etiquette in Santa Fe, NM. Featuring the performance “The Artist Has Presents” July 31st, 2019
  • COLLABORATION: “The Memory Room” – an immersive performance installation by Joanna Garner, Michael Rau, and Mirabelle Jones has been shortlisted for the Opera Beyond First Sessions Competition in Helsinki by the Finnish National Opera and Ballet. May 29th – 31st, 2019
  • SPEAKING: Art Against Assault visits the University of Kentucky for a presentation on how to turn your passions into creative projects as well as a bystander intervention workshop as part of their Green Dot Programming. April 15th 2019.
  • INTERVIEW: with Alex Merlin-Glow of about biosensors, Meow Wolf, and Art Against Assault on March 7th, 2019.
  • SPEAKING: I will be visiting the University of New Mexico on February 26th, 2019 to speak about my own work as well as my work with Meow Wolf.
  • SPEAKING: I will be visiting the University of Wisconsin-Madison to present on her newest projects which use biosensors to combat street harassment as part of their Stalking Awareness Month programming on February 18th, 2019.


  • EXHIBITION: 111 Minna Gallery presents The Art of Survival- a selection of artist’s works benefiting local sexual assault survivor supportive organizations. August 4th, 2018.
  • SPEAKING: Art Against Assault will be leading a trauma recovery zine making workshop at the University of Utah on April 13th and 14th, 2018.
  • SPEAKING: For Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Art Against Assault will visit Diablo Valley College for a workshop on April 23rd, 2018.
  • EXHIBITION: Museum Meermanno presents The Reading Laboratory (Laboratorium van het Lezen) 18 November 2017 – 5 March 2018. Opening November 17, 2017. Exhibition organized by The House of the Book: a collaboration of Museum Meermanno and the National Library of the Netherlands.
  • EXHIBITION: B4B3L4B Gallery presents the porcupine interactive wearable a collaboration with Anouk Wipprecht and students of CCA. October, 2018.


  • EXHIBITION: San Francisco Center for the Book presents Degrees of Innovation, an exhibition dedicated to exploring the works of graduates of the MFA in Book Art & Creative Writing program of Mills College. Opening: October 13, 2017 6pm to 8pm. Exhibition: October 13, 2017 – January 14, 2017.
  • PRESS: “On the RT Radar: California-Based Multi-Disciplinary Artist Mirabelle JonesRoundtable Journal August 2017
  • SPEAKING: “Anti-Street Harassment Design Workshop” at B4B3L4B Gallery July 30th 6pm – 9pm.
  • COLLECTION: the books of JARRING III have been acquired by the University of Northern Texas special collections.
  • COLLECTION: the books of JARRING III have been acquired by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill‘s special collections
  • COLLECTION: the books of JARRING III have been acquired by the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley. All proceeds from this sale will go towards Bay Area Women Against Rape.
  • SPEAKING: Maryland College Institute of the Art hosts a presentation of the JARRING III books by visiting artist Mirabelle Jones founder of Art Against Assault. 04.22.17
  • SPEAKING / COLLECTION: Syracuse University presents a lecture by Mirabelle Jones on behalf of Art Against Assault alongside an exhibition of the JARRING III books which will be added to the university’s collection to benefit local survivor resources. 04.24.17
  • VISITING ARTIST: Rhode Island School of Design presents Art Against Assault: a presentation by founder Mirabelle Jones and a pop up exhibition of student survivor artwork curated by RISD’s Title IX Office. 04.26.17
  • SPEAKING: Hollaback! LA organizers Mirabelle Jones and Genevieve Danger Berrick will be discussing street harassment on KPFK’s Feminist Magazine Radio 03.14.17 from 2pm to 3pm PST. Tune in online or at 90.7 FM Los Angeles 98.7 FM, Santa Barbara, 99.5 FM Ridgecrest/China Lake & 93.7 FM San Diego:
  • EXHIBITION: New photographic works will be included in L.A. Artshare “High Priestess” Show
  • EXHIBITION: Make / Shift at the Craft Alliance Center for Art and Design in St. Louis: January 13 – February 26th, 2017 Opening: January 13 6pm – 8pm
  • COLLECTION: the books of JARRING III have been acquired by the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley. All proceeds from this sale will go towards Bay Area Women Against Rape.
  • EXHIBITION & PERFORMANCE: Trocadero Gallery, Melbourne. Curated by Casey Jenkins: Feb. 20th- March 11th, 2107
  • EXHIBITION: Visual Art Selections Featured in the Women’s March on Washington // Center on Contemporary Art in Seattle, WA Feb. 2 – 25th, 2017


  • RESIDENCY: 05.16 – 10.16 CODAME LABS art + tech residency at B4BEL4B in Oakland, CA collaborating with artistic director Anouk Wipprecht and Associate Creative Director Tiare Ribeaux.
  • COLLECTION: the books of JARRING III have been incorporated into the Joan Flasch Collection at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago.
  • EXHIBITION: 20 / 20 Vision at San Francisco Center for the Book
  • COLLECTION: The Los Angeles vigil for Orlando pride flag has been accepted into the collection of the One Archives where it will be preserved as a part of LGBTQAI* history for generations to come.
  • PRESS: An LA Artist Created a 600 Square Foot Gay Pride FlagLA Weekly 06.27.16
  • PUBLIC ART: Pride / Visibility Flag at LA City Hall Vigil for the Orlando Shooting 06.13.16
  • PERFORMANCE: “Violence and Visibility” at Rainbow Shift 2.0 // Montalban Theatre Gallery // 06.24.16 7pm – Midnight
  • ARTIST’S TALK: 06.01.16 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm featured presenter at OPEN SHOW LA #34. Presentation and discussion of the Portraits of Unacceptable Women series at The Gallery Presents in Hawthorn, CA.
  • PRESS: “Bearing the Untold: Why We Need to Hear Stories of Sexual Assault” a first-hand account of the JARRING III book tour in Ms. Magazine.
  • VISITING ARTIST: 04.20.16 Visiting artist lecture & presentation of the JARRING III books at the School of the Art Institute Chicago 37 S Wabash 4:00 – 6:00 pm.
  • EXHIBITION: 04.16.16 Pace University: New York, NY features performances by Mirabelle Jones in Artivism Exhibition for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.
  • EXHIBITION: 04.16.16 Center for Performance Research: Brooklyn, NY. BEAVER the Exhibition a feminist retrospective features To Skin a Catcaller (remix) interactive installation.
  • PRESS “Getting Your Gear Off and the Purpose of Performance Art” in Addicted Art Gallery
  • VISITING ARTIST: 04.07.16 Mills College in Oakland, CA. JARRING III Art and Advocacy visiting artists Book Arts. Presenting at the Graduate School of Business 04.07.16 at 7pm.
  • VISITING ARTIST: 04.04.16 Presenting JARRING III and Art Against Assault at Maryland Institute College of the Art as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month 1:00 – 3:00 Leake Lecture I.
  • PRESS: “Mirabelle Jones’ JARRING III Book Collection Redefines Sexual Assault Awareness” a review of the JARRING III project in Bustle.
  • PERFORMANCE: Performing at WET SILK at BASIC FLOWERS GALLERY // March 26, 2016 // 7pm – Midnight





  • PERFORMANCE: “Undead Business Lunch” performance by Mirabelle Jones .:. Justin Herman Plaza, San Francisco .:. November 2, 2012 .:. Press: SF Gate by SF Chronicle, Yahoo Local News, SF Fun Cheap
  • EXHIBITION: CODAME Art & Tech Festival exhibits “Installation for Jazz Bar: Berlin, 1990” installation by Total Destruction of the Optic Nerve (Carlos Oblivion & Mirabelle Jones)
  • PERFORMANCE: San Francisco Center for the Book presents ROADWORKS 2012 with live performance by Mirabelle Jones .:. September 22, 2012 .:. View Documentation of “I Am Not A Cat” .:. Purchase Anti-Catcalling Cards & Poster Here
  • INTERNSHIP: Books Received Reader & Journal of Artist’s Books Offset Printing Internship .:. Journal of Artist’s Books, Chicago .:. July 2012 .:. See videos of Books Received here .:. Order JAB 32 here
  • EXHIBITION: Transparent / Opaque 2 exhibits “San Francisco / Berlin” .:. June 15 – July 28, 2012 .:. Abecedarian Gallery 910 Santa Fe #101 Denver, CO
  • PERFORMANCE: Uncharted Books presents “The Man & The Potato” a live performance by Mirabelle Jones starring Kerri Mullen & Josh Samuels .:. August 8, 2012 .:. Uncharted Books, Chicago, IL
  • PERFORMANCE: The Exit Theatre & Erica Blue present “Deux Ex Machina” a performance by Mirabelle Jones & Michelle Fugate .:. May 15, 2012 .:. The Exit Theatre, San Francisco
  • EXHIBITION: Mills College MFA Book Arts Retrospective exhibits “To Wave” .:. May 11th – August 2012 .:. Mills College Book Arts Gallery Oakland, CA
  • EXHIBITION: Mills College Print on Demand Exhibition presents “Jarring II” .:. February – May 11th 2012 .:. Mills College Book Arts Gallery Oakland, CA
  • EXHIBITION: Mills College Library presents “Nothing In That Drawer” .:. February – May 11th 2012 .:. Mills College Library Oakland, CA
  • EXHIBITION: Electromagnetic Jellyfish Installation by Total Destruction of the Optic Nerve (Mirabelle Jones & Carlos Oblivion) .:. April 10th 2012 .:. The Moonlight Gallery, San Francisco, Ca
  • VISITING ARTIST: The Academy of Art welcomes Mirabelle Jones as Guest Lecturer for Graduate Intro to Book Arts .:. March 20, 2012 .:. The Academy of Art, San Francisco
  • VISITING ARTIST: The Exploratorium welcomes Mills MFA Book Arts students to Open Make .:. February 17th, 2012 .:. The Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA