The Future Gallery Text

Date: 02.08.21
Time: 5:00 PM CET Copenhagen Time (GMT+1)
What would it be like to step inside the art gallery of the future? What kinds of art objects, materials, technologies, themes and aesthetics can we expect to find there? What would the exhibition wall text, catalogue and other written materials in the exhibition be like? How does the way the exhibition is presented to us reflect the values of this future society? In this design fiction / speculative writing workshop, we will take a deep dive into the language of art. We will begin by having a look at present day practices, investigating the language artists and curators use when discussing, describing, and evaluating works of art. We will put our knowledge into creative action by speculating about future exhibitions. In the end, we will each create our own exhibition text for an art exhibition of the future. No materials are necessary for this workshop which is open to artists, designers, curators, and creative thinkers alike, especially those who want to improve their ability to discuss artwork and exhibitions through text. The workshop is also an opportunity for artists, designers, curators, and other arts enthusiasts to meet and collaborate with each other during a time of social distancing.
Workshop Schedule
0:00 Meet and greet, introductions
0:10 Overview of the workshop
0:15 Warm up writing exercise – bio & speculative bio
0:30 Present day curatorial practices
1:00 Writing exercise: writing & re-writing
1:30 Writing exercise: wall text of the future – each participant writes an idea for a future exhibition around a theme, material, form, or issue. Students can pick from these themes to create a wall text of the future.
1:45 Sharing output & wrap up
Workshop lead by Mirabelle Jones
Mirabelle Jones is a queer, non-binary creative technologist, interdisciplinary artist, and researcher based in Copenhagen investigating critical, creative practices in technology. Their work explores the immersive storytelling potential of sensors, spatialized sound, LEDs, animatronics, XR, wearables, artificial intelligence and computer vision.
About Digital Alchemy: Workshop Series
‘Digital Alchemy: Workshop Series’ is a series of online workshops created in relation to the current exhibition at Catch “Digital Alchemy: Future Technology Products Inspired by Diverse Voices in Science Fiction” created by Mirabelle Jones. Right now the exhibition is closed due to lockdown and instead we’ve created an online workshop format to be able to work with the themes of the exhibit.
‘Digital Alchemy: Future Technology Products’ explores works of science fiction written by a diverse body of authors including women, LGBQTQAI* folx, and people of color to realize diverse futures through the creation of fictional technologies. Situated at the intersection of product design, speculative fiction, maker culture and intersectional data feminism, the artist selects devices and technologies mentioned within these works and realizes them as interactive product prototypes.
The event is free to attend but requires registration
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Max. 20 Attendees
A link for the event will be sent to you the day before event begins.

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