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Present + Future – Exhibitions / Work

  • EXHIBITION: My work Artificial Intimacy is currently displayed at DAHJ: the International Journal for Digital Art History and home of the International Journal for Digital Art History // Online (Virtual) // Opening: 06.06.23
  • RESEARCH: I’m thrilled to begin the second half of my PhD at the University of Copenhagen in the Faculty of Science and Human-Centered Computing section as an Industrial PhD working in collaboration with Novo Nordisk‘s AI Center of Excellence under supervisor Tonia Sideri who will be working with my current supervisor Irina Shklovski. I will be exploring how ethics is approached in relation to use cases of artificial intelligence in the pharmaceutical industry using artistic research. 07.01.23
  • PODCAST: Focusing on the topic of exploring ethical issues in artificial intelligence using artistic methods, I am honored to be a guest on Mél Hogan‘s podcast The Data Fix exploring different definitions of a “fix” in relation to technologies and how these are affective. Recording date: 08.02.23
  • EXHIBITION: I will be curating a group show at Captive Portal in Copenhagen, Denmark from August 15 – 27 about what AI can teach us about trauma. // Copenhagen, Denmark // Opening 08.15.23 // Exhibition – 08.15.23 – 08.27.23
  • TALK / WORKSHOP: I will be presenting a 90 minute participatory talk at CATCH at Kulturværftet (The Culture Yard) on the subject of using artistic methods to engage ethical issues and how interactivity can serve as a method of exploring the differences between the self and our data. CATCH // Helsingor, Denmark // 08.23.23
  • KEYNOTE:  I will be presenting the closing keynote at the Øredev Developer Conference on my recent research working with speculative design, large language models, and deep fake to explore ethical issues in AI systems as well as our relationships to cutting edge technologies called “What Can Art Teach Us About AI?” // Oredev // Målmo, Sweden // 11.10.23