Projection Mapping for the People

The tutorial for this workshop is available at:

This is a free open to everyone workshop that teaches participants the basics of 2D projection mapping using Kantan Mapper in TouchDesigner. To register, please visit:

This free beginner-friendly workshop will teach you the basics of 2D projection mapping using Kantan Mapper in TouchDesigner. You do not need a projector to participate, but it will be much more magical if you have or can borrow one. You DO need to download TouchDesigner, register for an account, and activate a license on your computer prior to the workshop.


Go to:
To download the software.


Workshop Date: 03-20-21

Workshop Time:
10:00 AM PST (San Francisco)
7:00 PM CET (Copenhagen, Berlin)


Max. participants: 50
Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive an email with the link to the workshop a few days beforehand.


Because time is limited, it is helpful (but not required) if you have an introductory knowledge of TouchDesigner. I recommend the following tutorials to help you become acquainted with the software:…
I hope you will understand that I will not have time to answer basic TouchDesigner questions in the workshop, but this tutorial series should answer most.


If you are using a projector, please make sure your computer can output to your projector as a second window prior to the workshop. We will not have time for projector troubleshooting. If you don’t have a projector, there are low cost pico options that are sufficient for this workshop. I highly recommend AAXA’s P2A which I’ll be using :


In addition to the projector, it might be helpful to have something you want to map on to. This could be a poster, artwork, wall hanging or tapestry, or even just some shapes made of tape and temporarily put on your wall. ? Here are some ideas:


This workshop is offered freely with the hopes of inspiring and assisting artists and creatives during a difficult time for the arts as well as a desire to increase diversity in the field of projection mapping and immersive art. If you’ve always been curious about projection mapping but nervous about how to get started, please consider joining us.
To keep numbers down, this workshop is by invite only but please feel free to invite some friends who you think would benefit from the workshop! The workshop will not be recorded for the comfort of participants, but I may do a recorded tutorial in the future. See you there!