“Through 150 artistic books in three designs, each of which tells the tremendously varied stories of real survivors, Jones is showing what the problem really looks like — not from the perspective of the news media, but straight from the victims themselves.” – Bustle


In 2016, we visited college campuses and universities throughout the country to share the books of JARRING III and speak to students about the power of addressing social justice issues through art. Our 2017 US Tour will introduce the JARRING III books to academic institutions, arts organizations, and communities throughout the United States while also providing lectures, workshops, and reading room experiences with a focus on raising discourse and awareness about sexual assault. The tour will predominately take place in April 2017 which is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, but will also extend throughout 2016. To have the tour visit your arts organization, academic institution, or survivor resource center, please get in touch!

Photo by Michelle Yoder .:. http://michelleyoderphotography.com/

Photo by Michelle Yoder .:. http://michelleyoderphotography.com/


JARRING III is a set of three artists’ books in an edition of 50 that share the true narratives of sexual assault survivors to raise funds for rape crisis centers and survivor resources.These books can be used by students in a variety of academic fields for research purposes while also serving as a therapeutic tool for survivors. 100% of the proceeds from all book sales will go directly towards funding survivor resources such as rape crisis centers, local hotlines, advocacy, and counseling services. This project has received awards from the College Book Arts Association and the Pollination Project and been heralded by the Huffington Post, Bustle, Women’s Studio Workshop, Feminist Magazine, and Bookbinding Now. If you represent an arts organization or special collections library and would be interested in purchasing the JARRING III books, please get in touch.



Students or visitors will be guided through a hands-on workshop with a focus on fine arts activism and the political power of printed matter. The specific nature of each workshop or class will be in part determined by the facilities available, the focus of the course or group, and the time available but may include letterpress or block printing, papermaking, performance art, bookbinding, altered books, zine making, assemblage, book sculpture, and bookmaking with no-sew or 3-dimensional structures.


The artist behind JARRING III will present the history of the project from concept to completion. A photo slideshow will include a step by step overview of the creative process including behind the scenes images and details. Following the presentation, students and visitors are invited to ask questions related to book art, arts activism, social justice, financing and funding options for activism-oriented art projects, and how to promote social justice projects using social media and crowd sourcing platforms.


A reading room is an environment in which visitors to your organization or students can read and interact with the JARRING III books at their own pace. You can set up your own reading room independently or work directly with the artist to create the ideal reading and exhibition environment. Handling copies of the JARRING III books are available for rental for this purpose and can be accompanied by printed documentation of the project for visitor perusal at their leisure. A Q&A presentation of the books is also optional.


1. My organization is interested in being included in the tour! How can we get more information? Please email us with some information about your organization, what visiting options appeal to you (workshop, lecture, or reading room) and what dates might work for the tour to drop by!

2. Does my organization have to purchase a copy of the JARRING III books to be involved? What do the JARRING III books cost? You do not have to purchase a copy of the JARRING III books to be included in the tour. Your organization can exhibit handling copies of the books via a reading room environment or lecture without purchase. For pricing information, please email us.

3. How is the tour funded? Is there a cost for each visit? This tour is currently being funded out of pocket and via donations on GoFundMe. Honorariums, travel costs, handling copy rental fees and workshop material expenses are appreciated but are not in every case required. Please get in touch via email for more information. If you would like to donate to the 2017 tour expenses, you can make a donation via the Art Against Assault website.

4. I am an artist, student or performer who would like to help with the tour! How can I do so? Art Against Assault is an organization that seeks to pair artists with local survivor resource organizations to generate art that discusses sexual assault and domestic violence while also raising funds for survivor resources. If you are an artist, student, or performer who is interested in producing on a project, please visit the Art Against Assault website for more information.


Photo by Michelle Yoder .:. http://michelleyoderphotography.com/

Photo by Michelle Yoder .:. http://michelleyoderphotography.com/

Photo by Michelle Yoder .:. http://michelleyoderphotography.com/

Photo by Michelle Yoder .:. http://michelleyoderphotography.com/