Push / Pull / Suspend

Push, Pull, Suspend (2015)
3 Hour Durational Performance
Adobe Backroom Gallery, San Francisco

Push / Pull / Suspend took place at the Adobe Backroom Gallery in San Francisco in October 2015 as part of a series of performances curated by Nathalie Elisabeth Brilliant. This performance explored individual growth in relation to objects and people through an endurance-based, 3-hour collaborative installation based on the pressures of psychophysiological forces.

At the start of the performance, I was shibari-bound head to toe in one corner of the gallery. In the style of Duchamp’s 16 Miles of String which made playful use of interrupting the gallery space as a communal, performative, and public act, a length of heavy load-bearing tarred mason line was attached to 9 specific points of my body along the sagittal plane creating a “web” across one half of the gallery.
Mira Belle Jones Push-Pull-Suspend October 22 2015-0080

With the help of knowledgeable knot-tying assistants, visitors were invited to bind and attach certain objects bearing sentimental value to these lines. These objects included: a hat my ex and I maintained joint custody of across 3 continents and 5 years, a jar containing my multi-colored hair at 16 different points in my  lifetime, a mannequin matching my body shape which has performed as a stand-in throughout numerous art projects and exhibitions, a photograph of my mother and I (age 2) at the Oakland zoo pointing at goats, and many more.
Mira Belle Jones Push-Pull-Suspend October 22 2015-0030

In this manner, visitors created an interactive installation in relation to myself and the objects I’ve collected over time as a consequence of life, an interactive portrait of a human being in relation to collected emotionally “weighted” ephemera, a biography suspended in physical space, an homage to the art of being a moving, enduring, biological object enacted through the simplicity of these three basic actions of force: push, pull, and suspense.

Photos by Matt Haber:

Photos by Chris Warfield:

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Photos by Tim Guydish:

Special Thanks To: Nathalie Elisabeth Brilliant and the Adobe Books Backroom Gallery

Sound by Ioe Key: https://soundcloud.com/key

Shibari design by: Yzen Deshi

Photography by: Matt Haber, Tim Guydish, Chris Warfield, Evo Henning

Knot-Tying Enthusiasts & Assistants: Bella Donna, Crutcher Dunnavant, Lola McCall, Laura White-Avian, Ioe Key, Katy Pelton + Todd Huffman, Eriko

More info. on the works of Marcel DuChamp can be found on Artsy.

Photo by Evo Heyning: