The 10 Ft. Relationship

Photo by Jennie Jen Love and Hate Photography

This performance took place at Lost Horizon Night Market in Los Angeles, CA on August 6th, 2015. In the back of a 10 ft. U-Haul, 4 sets were positioned in succession alongside a cast of characters. Visitors would be guided through each of the 4 sets each representing one stage in a long-term relationship.

The first of these sets presented a typical dinner date with a small table covered in a gingham cloth, 2 folding chairs, a flower in a vase, spaghetti glued to plates, and unlimited dixie cups of grape soda poured from a Carlo Rossi jug. A waiter with an obviously fake moustache (and even more obviously fake French accent) would guide visitors two-by-two through the process of proposing (aluminum engagement rings provided).

Should an engagement be agreed upon, the two proceeded to the next stage where they were married by a minister of dubious legitimacy underneath an archway of fake flowers and gaudy tulle.

Once through the archway, they were immediately bombarded by paperwork: mortgages, invoices, bills, as well as fake babies and toy houses hurled at them by an anonymous character in a zentai suit with the words “LIFE” written across their chest.

Should they decide to proceed together despite the challenges, they were guided towards two beds at the foot of two tombstones surrounded by moss towards the back of the truck. The happy couple was then asked to lie down while Death covered their eyes with eye masks and gave them a pep talk in preparation for Eternal Rest.

Performers: Marissa Lynn, Joshua Samuels, Sea Salem, Kirsten Whitney, Lena Mortsgnir, Mirabelle Jones