Meow Wolf Omega Mart Health Metrics

Omega Mart Spiral Cuff Health Metrics (2019)
Gamified Blood Pressure Machine
Meow Wolf, Las Vegas
Permanent Exhibition

The Spiral Cuff Health Metrics machine was invented for Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart and is on permanent display in the store. This interactive installation uses a time of flight sensor to trigger gameplay when someone’s arm is inserted into the spiral cuff. On the other end of the cuff is a custom joystick with a medical grade oximeter to measure heart rate. Visitors are invited to play a game where they choose between symptoms for invented ailments in order to receive their metaphysical health score. A helpful pill Drammit provides useful tips throughout game play and visitors can see a real-time readout of their heart rate. I was lead artist on this project with concept artist Brandt Peters. I assisted in the design for this project and did the programming for the game including lighting, graphics implementation, and sensors.