Meet Your Deep Fake Double – 06.15.21

Today we live in a world where we can program machines to generate new images, text, sound etc., content that is indistinguishable from “real world” content. As this becomes easier and faster to do, many ethical questions arise. How can we use these technologies in a way where we are not violating the safety, privacy, or identity of others? What are the risks if we do not interrogate these ethical questions as designers, developers and users?

At this workshop we will be investigating deep fake technologies, how does it work and what it is? How do you spot a deep fake? We will look at the technology on both consumer and more advanced levels and collectively discuss some of the ethical questions surrounding the technology. Participants will also be able to have a deep fake version of themselves created as a part of artist Mirabelle Jones work “It’s Time We Talked”, which uses deep fake to investigate questions of how ones life might look if taken a different fork somewhere along the way.


Workshop Content

  • Introduction to Catch, Mirabelle Jones and participants
  • What is deep fake and how does it work?
  • How to spot a deep fake
  • Deep fake applications, tools and technologies
  • Discussion of the ethics in deep fake
  • Write a letter to yourself in another quantum timeline
  • Video recording of letters to create deepfake from as a part of Mirabelle Jones’ work “It’s Time We Talked”


It’s Time We Talked

Have you ever wondered what your life might’ve amounted to if you’d taken a different fork somewhere along the way? If you’d studied science instead of art, or married your High School crush, or been born into a better or worse situation? The quantum communication crystal allows you to find out!

The installation It’s Time We Talked features a pair of devices known as Quantum Communication Crystals which allow the user to communicate with a version of themself from another quantum timeline. In other words, the crystal allows you to speak with another you — one who made different decisions. The set of crystals on display show a conversation between the artist and the artist’s deep fake double. A machine learning programme called a ‘generative adversarial network’ was used to create a deep fake video of the content for the 2nd crystal, producing a video in which the artist (themself) has never said the words you are hearing.

As a part of the workshop Mirabelle Jones will facilitate a writing exercise, where participants create a letter to their own self from another quantum timeline. Those who wish to participate, will then video record the letter to themselves and have the artist respond to this letter by creating a deep fake version of you that will be included in Mirabelle Jones installation “It’s Time We Talked”.


Workshop Led By Mirabelle Jones

Mirabelle Jones is a queer, non-binary creative technologist, interdisciplinary artist, and researcher based in Copenhagen investigating critical, creative practices in technology. Their work explores the immersive storytelling potential of sensors, spatialized sound, LEDs, animatronics, XR, wearables, artificial intelligence and computer vision.


Meet Your Deep Fake – Study

Mirabelle will be inviting participants to take part in a research project in conjunction with her PhD in AI and Ethics at the University of Copenhagen. Participants will be invited to take part in optional surveys at the beginning and end of the workshop. Participants will also be invited to optional interviews. Attending the workshop does not mean you must participate in the surveys or interview, however your participation would be a great help to Mirabelle’s PhD project. The project investigates expert and non-expert interpretations of deepfake technology. More information will be provided the day of the workshop. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Mirabelle at


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