Maybe It’s Maybelline

Maybe It’s Maybelline (2011)
Participatory Durational Performance
Cotton Mill Studios, Oakland (CA)
Maybe it's Maybelline performance at F3 at the Cotton Mill.

Maybe it’s Maybeline performance at F3 at the Cotton Mill.

For this performance, I was suspended from a 30′ truss and bound in a shibari to render the body immobile with exception to one free hand. Placed below me was an assortment of make up: lipstick, eye shadow, etc. donated by others or from my own collection which I silently instructed the audience to use to “make me pretty” by writing these words in red lipstick across my flesh. My entire body was used as a canvas for this painting which lasted for half an hour as the audience made me up from head to toe. Below me, an assistant laid down 30 4″ x 4″ canvases in the shape of a human body. I then wrote “shoot me” across my arm in red lipstick. The audience was handed squirt guns filled with a mixture of water and make up remover. They aimed and fired. Make up drizzled on to the canvases creating a subtle, ghostly impression of colors and textures.

Performance at F3 at the Cotton Mill.

Ingredients: shibari (rope), makeup, more makeup, squirt guns, 30 count 4″ x 4″ canvases in the shape of a body, 30′ lighting rig, audience participation.