Lisa Frankenstein

Lisa Frankenstein (2011)
Digital Photography
Hive Gallery, Los Angeles (CA)

Lisa Frankenstein is the commercial wonder girl of the 21st century. Exploding the concept of the “selfie,” Lisa unveils a world riddled with vibrant tessellations, painful neon, and an unmistakable dose of girl power. Previously on view at The Hive Gallery.

Of Bats & Books

Of Bats & Books // 2014

Lisa Frank <3s Jesus

Lisa Frank <3s Jesus // Los Angeles 2014

Kitty Glitter

Kitty Glitter


Inherit the Moon .:. Los Angeles 2401




She Has Raisin

She Has Raisin // Collaboration with Joe Holliday



Crystal Antlers

Lick My Bones

A photography project created for and inspired by the internet. A documentation of a documentation.