Digital, Immersive, and Artificially Intelligent

In this workshop / talk for Chris Hogg’s Creative Social Media course at Royal Holloway University of London, students learned how to work with inputs and outputs to design interactivity through a human-centric lens. Students first began with a short lecture on reading the body using biosensors and computer vision techniques. They worked in pairs to envision their own wearables or biosensor-activated installations. Next, we discussed storytelling through installation using examples from my previous work as the Senior Designer Developer of Interactive Technology at Meow Wolf. Students again worked in pairs to create their own Meow Wolf-style rooms and experiences with embodiment and sensing in mind. The course ended with discussion of my participatory AI artworks and how to use natural language processing, deepfake, computer vision, chatbots, and other data-driven processes to create artworks which use technology to inform and critique human nature.