Behind the Making of A Flower Left Out

Often the environments we work in as artists (large / small, rural / suburban, ample sunlight / darkness, quiet / noisy, etc.) provide constraints to the type of works we can produce. Having worked for much of my career is small urban spaces, I tend to produce work on a smaller scale. Recently, I had access to a large indoor / outdoor work space at a residency in Joshua Tree provided by Hollis Hart of Not a Cult Media. I used the opportunity to create the largest artwork I’ve produced to date: a 7′ x 3.5′ mixed media photo tapestry which was later exhibited as part of the High Priestess show curated by Artshare L.A. The tapestry includes a custom scroll-style open frame, textured satin digital printing, and embroidered hand-dyed leather leaves on Icelandic wool.

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