AI in Performing Arts – 06.22.21

At the workshop participants will be introduced to the generative performance platform “AI Performance Space” created by artist and researcher Mirabelle Jones.

We will explore ideas, thoughts and questions that arise from the content created by this AI and together create our own pieces which we will share and discuss collectively.

“AI Performance Space” brings together artists of different practices, backgrounds, identities, locations and methods to collectively investigate the influence artificial intelligence can have on the creative process and consider how creative practices can in turn develop new insights and approaches to artificial intelligence.

Read more about AI Performance Space here:


Workshop content

  • Introduction to Catch, Mirabelle Jones and participants
  • What is deep fake and how does it work?
  • How to spot a deep fake
  • Deep fake applications, tools and technologies
  • Discussion of the ethics in deep fake
  • Write a letter to yourself in another quantum timeline
  • Video recording of letters to create deepfake from as a part of Mirabelle Jones’ work “It’s Time We Talked”


Workshop led by Mirabelle Jones

Mirabelle Jones is a queer, non-binary creative technologist, interdisciplinary artist, and researcher based in Copenhagen investigating critical, creative practices in technology. Their work explores the immersive storytelling potential of sensors, spatialized sound, LEDs, animatronics, XR, wearables, artificial intelligence and computer vision.


AI in Performing Arts – Study

Mirabelle will be inviting participants to take part of a research project in conjunction with her PhD in AI and Ethics at the University of Copenhagen. Participants will be invited to take part in an optional survey at the end of the workshop. Participants will also be invited to optional interviews. Attending the workshop does not mean you must participate in either the survey or interview, however your participation would be a great help to Mirabelle’s PhD project. The project Embodying the Algorithm investigates how performance artists can use AI. More information will be provided the day of the workshop. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Mirabelle at


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