Total Destruction of the Optic Nerve

Installation for Jazz Bar Berlin 1990
Codame Art & Tech Festival 2012 Installation for Jazz Bar 1990 October 2012 Wall-mounted Installation Neon cord, LEDs, Hardware 4′ x 6′

Dream Shark
The Foundry Nights Dream Shark Installation March 2013 Video Projection, Laser-cut Shark Skeleton Displayed in a Museum Case 4′ x 3′ x 10′

Electric Jellyfish
ROYGBIV Guerilla Public Arts Installation April 2012 Electric Jellyfish Site-Specific Installation PVC, LEDs, Fishing Pole, Cord, Magnets 15′ x 10′

Total Destruction of the Optic Nerve is a collaboration with multimedia artist Carlos Oblivion. For complete project information and images, please visit: