To Wave (v.)

To Wave Artist's Book in Boxes

To Wave (V.) is a sculptural artists’ book taking the form of a series of boxes revealing the story of the artist’s near drowning as a child. The hand-painted exterior of the boxes, once large-scale paintings of oceans, contrasts with the dark, rough interior which is coated in black ocean sand. This contradictory pairing of fluidity and grit foreshadows the physical movement necessary on the part of the viewer to experience the book. An original poem is handwritten on painted cloth resembling gilded kelp on the recto and verso of each of the six box lids. To experience the book, the reader must part the boxes, lids swinging back and forth like waves, approaching the very depths of the book, allowing both body and mind to sink. One of a kind. Email for pricing information.

Currently on view at the Western New York Book Arts Center May 31st 2013 – July 6th 2013.