STRANGErs is a multimedia installation that employs sound, sculpture, and the artists’ book format to explore communication between strangers. Housed in a glossy black sculpture of a meteorite (a play on neighborly vs. extraterrestrial xenophobia) is a black tape recorder and an artists’ book. The artists’ book contains a documentation of encounters with strangers spanning a one month period including street hustling, commercial transactions, High School boyfriends, roommates who never talk, artists, found photographs, ambivalent nurses, and a cancer scare. Digitally manipulated images, assemblages, found photographs, and excerpts of conversations re-create the experience of living day to day among those who can never truly know you. The tape recorder contains sound samples, not of the conversations themselves but of the static, noise, and supplemental sound surrounding these experiences, digitally manipulated to suit their emotive, experiential frequency.