Porcupine Wearable

The porcupine wearable is a collaboration with international robotics wearables designer Anouk Wipprecht. Combining Anouk’s talents and ingenuity for producing responsive wearable dresses and my interest in making invisible stressors apparent to others, we created a wearable modeled on the defense mechanisms of the porcupine. This wearable uses a system of sensors to deduce the stress of the wearer in relation to their proximity to others. Designed for street harassment and assault situations, pointed spikes are activated when the wearer’s stress levels go beyond a certain threshold. These spikes serve as an indicator to the wearer of their state of stress, as well as a message to the other person to back off.

This project is currently being developed into its next stage. Ultimately, we would love to create an app and wearable which allows people to monitor their stress and log the effects of street harassment to raise awareness and hopefully action.