Nest Interior
Nest was an interactive performance and textile installation created for Perform Chinatown 2015 in Los Angeles. A large nest and canopy were created using various lengths of lace and other light-weight, light-colored textiles including several recycled materials. Objects reminiscent of weightlessness such as bird wings, feathers, paper fans, ribbons, lace, and other items were positioned around the nest and canopy.
On the outside of the nest, river stones were positioned alongside non-toxic pens offering visitors an opportunity to inscribe the stone with a “weight” such as a trauma, loss, or struggle in their life. These stones would later be placed into the LA river where the words would eventually wash away.
Nest Ribbons
Inside the nest, visitors were met with a calm, nurturing environment in which to rest as well as incubate thoughts, memories, and inspirational musings. Several lengths of satin ribbon as well as pens were attached to the interior roof of the canopy with an invitation to inscribe words of hope.
For those seeking assistance, comfort, or instruction, four Nest Guides were on hand gracing the space with subtle dances, rituals, performances, and kindness. As night fell, the installation became illuminated by dozens of white LED fairy lights.
Nest Balloons
At the end of the performance and installation (spanning 8 hours), visitors to Nest were invited to attach the lengths of ribbon to the ends of white balloons which were released into the night sky with the hope of dispersing messages of inspiration and joy to far off places.

Nest Guides: Sea Salem, Roxanne Olivia Abell, Tristan MacDonald Nieto, Mirabelle Jones

Special Thanks to: Curator Molly Shea, Zero Prefect, Ilyria Exene Elliot, Marissa Lynn, Tamarix, Sasha, Andrew Berardini, Matt Cadwalladder

Nest Gallery: