Let Them Eat Cake: Cake Coffins

My latest project involved the creation of two cakes embodying life and death. The cakes were created for a coffin-themed art show at One of Us Gallery curated by Champoy. Opening: 01.04.15 Closing: 01.18.15

Let Them Eat Cake: A Coffin CakeCake or Death: Coffin Cake Cake or Death: Coffin Cake

Cake #1: Cake of Death: A dark chocolate coffin-shaped cake with a few added ingredients (see below) alongside some helpful hazard warnings. The cake was on display for two weeks in the gallery. It was then dissected by scientists for the closing show.

Cake #2: Cake of Life (or Exercise Cake)

This cake was created as part of a performance for the closing show. The cake is the opposite of the first cake, embodying life and containing 100% healthy, edible ingredients (including ginseng, ginger, as well as other spices and herbs that have a positive effect on the immune system). The cake was attached to a custom-built bike trailer and towed through downtown LA while visitors to he closing exhibition chased after with forks. Whoever was able to catch up to the cake, got to have a slice. A boom box attached to the back of the bicycle played cake-related tunes.

To hear the full run down on the project, read my documentation on Blazenfluff!